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About cocoandcici.com

Cocoandcici.com is an online painting gift shop that sells kinds of painting and art products. We have made the painting as gifts for special celebrations, like a birthday party, wedding party, graduation party, valentine days,  etc. We always try to make the customers happy and proud with the gifts paintings. We will try to make the gift’s receiver to be happy and smiling. We have various of painting products that may be comforting to you. We have water colour painting, oil painting, caricature, charcoal, colour pencil and more kinds of categories and style painting.

We have paintings for sale and also provide the custom painting for customers that need a special request of paintings. You can buy paintings directly in paintings for sale. For custom painting, you just need to fill the form and tell us your ideas. If you need to make a painting for gifts, you can consulting to our experienced artists for nice painting ideas.

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  • Jl. Kelapa No. 23 Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia.

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Thank you for visiting cocoandcici.com. For more information about us you can contact us. We are happy can give you the best services and quality products.