How to buy and order paintings?

You can buy and order paintings in the Products’ navigation menu. You can choose paintings for sale or custom painting.

  1. Paintings for Sale: is our suitcase of painting ready for sale. To buy just fill the form, choose your item and contact us for confirmation and then you can make payment by bank transfer. The painting will send to your delivery address as soon as possible.
  2. Custom Painting: We provide the custom painting for customer needs. The customer can order us to draw a painting with special specifications. To order a custom painting, please fill the custom painting form. After finishing submit the form, please contact us first to confirm the order. We will soon feedback to you. The payment method is through bank transfer.
    • 20% payment of prices when finish the pencil sketch for the painting.
    • 80% payment of prices when all Finish.
    • No refund for cancel the order.

    We will send you a picture or use video chat, to see the painting that you have been ordered.

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