The Fish and Anemones

The Fish and Anemones.

The Fish and Anemones, Painted by Leo Darwin

The beautiful yellow fish is swimming alone in the deep sea. Its body has some brown and blue stripes sparkling on the sea. He is looking for his friends. Why nobody here? Where they go? The only friends there are the sparking anemones. Hello anemones. Do you see my friends? But the anemones don’t reply the fish. They are only waving in the sea and silents. Okay, I will find my friends myself.

Interior Designs Tips and Solutions

The Fish and Anemones painting is suitable to be placed in the office, living room, dining room and bedroom. It gives a feeling of relaxing and peaceful on the interior of the room. It is suitable to be placed in the bright interior background. It is suitable to  be placed in white, light blue, light green, light yellow, or light pink and light purple background. You can mix with other sea animals or floral pictures beside the painting.

Painting Gift Tips and Solutions

The Fish and Anemones painting gives a feeling of of relaxing and peaceful in the interior of the room, so it fit given as gifts to your business colleagues, family and friends. It also fit given as gifts for enter the new house, birthday party, mother’s day, etc.

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Painting Details:

Title   :  The Fish and Anemones
Artist   :  Leo Darwin
Media   :  Paper
Material   :  Water Colour
Paper Size   :  42 cm x 29.7 cm
Description   :  The beautiful yellow fish with some brown and blue stripes on its body sparkling inside deep sea with anemones.

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